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This is what Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog would look/sound like as an 8-bit Nintendo game.

Friggin awesome werk there. So far the guy's done Act One, I hope he will move on to do the rest of it.

Here's the guy's main page for the project.


Apr. 4th, 2010 03:19 pm
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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Fake Blood

Apr. 2nd, 2010 08:37 am
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More fake blood is sold during Easter for re-enactments, than during any other holidays or the rest of the year, combined.

Don't forget to celebrate the zombification of Jesus by buying some fake blood too!


Apr. 2nd, 2010 05:58 am
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Just slept for 12 hours. Wheee.

I feel like shit. Gotta get some water.
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Ordered a queen size memory foam matress from sellout.woot on Thursday night. Shortly afterward I ordrered a bedframe to put the new matress on.

The frame shipped Monday, with an initial delivery estimate of Friday. This changed to Thursday, then to Wednesday. Then it showed up today. I spent a few hours putting it together. Would have had it done in less than one, but I was taking my time, chatting with Angel over Skype whilst I was working on it.

The matress... hasn't shipped yet. But it's from woot, so I'm not suprised, it usually takes about a week for stuff to ship, so I'll probably get a shipping notification by the end of the week, and probably see it next week sometime.

In the meantime, I've got my current twin size matress on top of the queen size frame, it looks hilariously small on the huge frame. Ya may be wondering why I put the frame together already, instead of waiting for the matress to come in first.

I'm sorta trying to re-organize my room, and the bed is the first step. With the new frame built, at least I have that there, as a placeholder that shows me how much room I have left to work with. Next thing to work on is my desk. It's served me well since 2000, but I think it's time to retire it. It worked great in my old room, where I had all the space I needed for it, but it takes up too much space here in my current room.

My plan is to kill the whole desk, mount my monitor on the wall, and get a longer, thinner setup so that there's more space to move about in the room, while still having a surface that can be used as a desk or table.

After that, the crappy leather manager's chairs I have are going to go, in favor of ones that take up less space. They're just too damned big. Also, when I sit on mine, I can feel the bolts that hold the chair together against my ass, so that's another good reason to get rid of one of the chairs, at least.
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Blood and water look funky when the first gets dumped into the later.

It's not exactly a good thing that I know that, either. Whee. o.o;

4 Years

Mar. 17th, 2010 05:45 pm
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Today's the 4 year anniversary of my grandpa's funeral. Please excuse me if I'm a bit down today.

I miss you Grandpa.
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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my bunny, [livejournal.com profile] razzlfraz! Happy Birthday Angel! I hope you have a great day today, and I'll catch ya tomorrow when you come over. :)
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Well, the poll had some rather balanced results, and everone seems to love Purple Monkey Dishwasher (one of my most favorite 'The Simpsons' references, for those who were wondering where that came from).

Ok, we'll give Twitter a test run, see how it goes.
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Valve to Deliver Steam & Source on the Mac
Press Releases - Valve 11:15
Leading Gaming Service Expands to Mac Platform

Valve announced today it will bring Steam, Valve's gaming service, and Source, Valve's gaming engine, to the Mac.

Steam and Valve's library of games including Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half-Life series will be available in April.

"As we transition from entertainment as a product to entertainment as a service, customers and developers need open, high-quality Internet clients," said Gabe Newell, President of Valve. "The Mac is a great platform for entertainment services."

"Our Steam partners, who are delivering over a thousand games to 25 million Steam clients, are very excited about adding support for the Mac," said Jason Holtman, Director of Business Development at Valve. "Steamworks for the Mac supports all of the Steamworks APIs, and we have added a new feature, called Steam Play, which allows customers who purchase the product for the Mac or Windows to play on the other platform free of charge. For example, Steam Play, in combination with the Steam Cloud, allows a gamer playing on their work PC to go home and pick up playing the same game at the same point on their home Mac. We expect most developers and publishers to take advantage of Steam Play."

"We looked at a variety of methods to get our games onto the Mac and in the end decided to go with native versions rather than emulation," said John Cook, Director of Steam Development. "The inclusion of WebKit into Steam, and of OpenGL into Source gives us a lot of flexibility in how we move these technologies forward. We are treating the Mac as a tier-1 platform so all of our future games will release simultaneously on Windows, Mac, and the Xbox 360. Updates for the Mac will be available simultaneously with the Windows updates. Furthermore, Mac and Windows players will be part of the same multiplayer universe, sharing servers, lobbies, and so forth. We fully support a heterogeneous mix of servers and clients. The first Mac Steam client will be the new generation currently in beta testing on Windows."

Portal 2 will be Valve's first simultaneous release for Mac and Windows. "Checking in code produces a PC build and Mac build at the same time, automatically, so the two platforms are perfectly in lock-step," said Josh Weier, Portal 2 Project Lead. "We're always playing a native version on the Mac right alongside the PC. This makes it very easy for us and for anyone using Source to do game development for the Mac."

Support for the Mac in Source and Steamworks is available to third parties immediately. Interested developers should contact Jason Holtman at jasonh@valvesoftware.com.
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Auto-magically faked by M's LiveJournal.
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So I'm laying in bed trying to sleep and my computer comes back from sleep mode all by itself. Nothing touching it, I'm the only one in the room and I certainly didn't do anything to it.

I noticed the hard drive light was flickering, which meant something was reading or writing.

No one on the network was trying to connect, so that wasn't it.

Then I remembered that this happened once before, a week or so ago. So I open the Task Scheduler and take a peek.

Computer turned on at 3:50AM, so I look for something, anything, scheduled around that time that might be the culprit.

Google Update.

Set to load the process everyday at 4:29AM, and repeat every hour for a 24 hour period to check for updates to Google software. Last run 3:50:05AM.

I disabled the task now. Hopefully that should eliminate the problem once and for all.


Mar. 4th, 2010 12:07 am
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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to a wonderful vixen, [livejournal.com profile] casidhe! I hope you have a great day today!


Feb. 24th, 2010 08:14 pm
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I caved.

I bought a Mac.

Cut for pic. )


Feb. 24th, 2010 03:29 am
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Werk at 9:30, so I'm up a little bit late. Gonna turn off my comp after this though and just curl up in my bed all warm and just exist there for a while.

I've got a slight pulsing on the left side of my noggin. It's quite annoying, I'm ever so slightly disoriented because it's bugging my left eye a bit. Haven't had a headache in years. Ah well, it's not too bad, and it'll help it go away if I just lay down and relax.


Feb. 23rd, 2010 04:37 am
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From 1999-2002, I was in the Engineering, Science, and Technology Academy at my high school. A couple teachers banded together and got a group of students together who were interested in technology and science courses, as well as the idea of going into related fields in adulthood.

While the newly formed academy was a great idea and it did help (most of) us focus towards goals, the school dropped the program due to funding issues, and not high enough interest. But in it's short 3 year run, we paved the road for future students to have the option of learning and exploring these fields in high school, helping the school to secure the Digital High School Grant funds, and achieve several other awards and acclaims. We made it possible for new classes, new curriculum to be taught, new teachers to be brought in to teach these new classes, and for new students to be encouraged and shown new things that were previously never thought possible in our school.

Reading this article in the paper makes me proud of what I helped contribute to. Without the combined efforts of the students and teachers back when I was in high school, this wouldn't be possible for the school today.


VHS robotics team shows its stuff

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Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:13 am
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Hmm, my local theater is still showing Avatar in 3D.

Maybe I should go watch it, finally.
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Went to the local grocery store in my area (a Food 4 Less) with Benny and Malinda after werk. Picked up a few things, since I hadn't been there in a few weeks.

-4 bottles of Mexi-Coke to share with Angel
-a bottle of BAWLS
-another bottle of BAWLS G33K B33R (BAWLS-brand caffeinated rootbeer for geeks)
-a re-sealable can of JOLT Power Cola (yay for 1,800mg of 'energy blend' (220mg of which is caffeine) per can!)
-a bottle of Heritage Dr. Pepper (yay real sugar!)

A few months ago, they didn't carry of this stuff, then all of a sudden they expanded their selection of drinks. This pleases me. Especially the BAWLS, since Target stopped carrying the cans that they used to carry sometime in the middle of last year.
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Beat BioShock 2 a few hours ago. Friggin awesome game from start to finish, with an equally awesome storyline, and an ending that goes well with it. I want to say more about the game, but a huge chunk of anything I comment on would be a huge spoiler, so I won't say anything.

Other than that, I've pretty much had nothing to do all day, other than sit here bored. Angel's still over in SF I guess. She had told me she was going to come over after she was done in the city, so I kept my day open so we could go out to eat lunch/dinner or do whatever. But it's past 10 now, so I guess she's not coming..

I werk at 6 tomorrow (yes, on Valentine's Day), probably off at 2:30, so there goes half of my day. Whee.


Feb. 12th, 2010 01:43 am
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I am Andrew Ryan and I am here to ask you a question:
Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

No, says the man in Washington; it belongs to the poor.
No, says the man in the Vatican; it belongs to God.
No, says the man in Moscow; it belongs to everyone.

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something
different. I chose the impossible. I chose...
A city where the artist would not fear the censor.
Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality.
Where the great would not be constrained by the small.
And with the sweat of your brow,
Rapture can become your city as well.

— Andrew Ryan

Been playing through BioShock 2 this week. It's been a while since the first game came out, I'd forgotten how f*cking awesome the game was. And BioShock 2 just takes what was great about it and runs with it, adding more awesome at the same time. I'm loving the game.

Werk is still fail because of Fail Boss. Whee.

Was thinking about doing Mac World, but unless I wake up ass-early Saturday morning and take the ferry to SF, it ain't happening. Ah well.
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