Mar. 31st, 2010

m_tiger: (Boobies!)
Ordered a queen size memory foam matress from sellout.woot on Thursday night. Shortly afterward I ordrered a bedframe to put the new matress on.

The frame shipped Monday, with an initial delivery estimate of Friday. This changed to Thursday, then to Wednesday. Then it showed up today. I spent a few hours putting it together. Would have had it done in less than one, but I was taking my time, chatting with Angel over Skype whilst I was working on it.

The matress... hasn't shipped yet. But it's from woot, so I'm not suprised, it usually takes about a week for stuff to ship, so I'll probably get a shipping notification by the end of the week, and probably see it next week sometime.

In the meantime, I've got my current twin size matress on top of the queen size frame, it looks hilariously small on the huge frame. Ya may be wondering why I put the frame together already, instead of waiting for the matress to come in first.

I'm sorta trying to re-organize my room, and the bed is the first step. With the new frame built, at least I have that there, as a placeholder that shows me how much room I have left to work with. Next thing to work on is my desk. It's served me well since 2000, but I think it's time to retire it. It worked great in my old room, where I had all the space I needed for it, but it takes up too much space here in my current room.

My plan is to kill the whole desk, mount my monitor on the wall, and get a longer, thinner setup so that there's more space to move about in the room, while still having a surface that can be used as a desk or table.

After that, the crappy leather manager's chairs I have are going to go, in favor of ones that take up less space. They're just too damned big. Also, when I sit on mine, I can feel the bolts that hold the chair together against my ass, so that's another good reason to get rid of one of the chairs, at least.

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