Feb. 7th, 2010

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This week has been a really horrible week here in Vallejo. Several violent crimes have been in the paper the last couple of days. Ice cream truck driver shot. City worker beaten by mob of school kids. Man shot outside liquor store. Triple stabbing.

Angel and I even heard the sirens last night, when the police were called out to the street right next to the court my house is on, for the triple stabbing that apparently occured there.

Honestly, I'm geting a bit more scared than usual around here.

Just 10 minutes after being called to the homicide scene, officers then received a report of a stabbing on the 100 block of Coloma Way, police said in a separate statement.

No victims were found on Coloma Way, but when officers stopped a vehicle on Sonoma Boulevard just under the Highway 37 overpass -- well within viewing distance of the shooting scene -- they discovered two stabbing victims.

Monette Boniafacio, 25, and Russell Sevilla, 20, had been stabbed several times, police said. One was taken by air and another by ground transport to John Muir, Tweedy said. A third stabbing victim, Valentino Abasolo, 21, had walked himself into Kaiser Permanente, police said.

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