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Haven't updated in a while. Lot's happened since the last bits I posted.

February 14th was my last day of werk at Party City. When I put in my two weeks they ended on the 11th, however I did state that if needed I would stay on board for the 14th. Failboss scheduled me that day, and being a person who tries to keep to their word, I went to work that day.

I wish I didn't. I got off at 3:30, was supposed to go home to say bye to everyone, then head down to San Jose via bus to be with Angel ([livejournal.com profile] razzlfraz). I got delayed though, cause Benny and Malinda needed to stop by Costco to get some things for my grandmother, and also run some other errands, too. It was about 5:30 or so when I got home. I decided not to go down, cause I'd arrive late.

At 7:00 my mom and aunt went to my grandma's room to check on her because she wasn't awake. She usually took an afternoon nap and got up around 5ish to start cooking dinner, or to eat if someone else was taking care of the food that day. They found that she had passed away in her sleep.

I was devastated and broken. The first responders came, said they think she died around 3:30ish. The police came afterward, made sure there was no foul play as per their normal routines, and waited for the coroner to show up. He came, they left. Funeral home guys came much later, a good chunk of the family had arrived by that time, cause we called everyone. Angel came up from San Jose too, cause I called her to let her know immediately. I cried almost all night. It was hard to sleep that night.

I cried a couple more times over the next couple days, the constant reminder of her non-presence when she was so prominently always there before hit me hard everytime I walked into the kitchen and saw her empty chair, or came into the house after going to the store or whatnot, only to find an empty kitchen with no one to say hi to and no one to greet me back. Everytime I softly closed the door to my room cause I didn't want to be loud at night and wake her (her room was next door to mine).

The funeral came the week after. It was rainy weather all week except the day of her funeral, which ended up being a beatiful, clear, sunny day. The weekend after I moved Shrithe (my computer) down to San Jose, getting a ride down with Angel. Brought a couple things I needed, just the necessities. Mid-week the next week I took public transit back up to Vallejo, to pack the rest of my stuff to bring down. My cousin Rob, Cora (his gf, aka FBI), and Benny all helped me load up the truck and clear out my room. I had originally planned to make several trips to get stuff each time, but I got hit by a drama bomb from my aunt (Rob's mom) cause I wanted to stay till everyone got home from werk so I could say bye.

Everyone was under the impression that everyone else had told me that I was to leave nothing there so that Rob and Cora could move into my room, but no one had. So she was pissed that I didn't clear everything out. So I spent the rest of the evening and some of the next morning finishing packing the rest of what I had into boxes for storage. I am more or less kicked out of there without being kicked out, if that makes any sense. My mom was livid at the way my aunt was treating me, and they argued a bit. Ultimately we all just ignored my aunt the rest of the night as we finished boxing up everything.

The next day Rob drove the truck down to San Jose, we unloaded everything, and they left for home. Made two trips up to Vallejo, one last month and one yesterday, to pick up some things and tie up some loose ends (got my final paycheck/paycard from Party City yesterday). I now live in downtown San Jose.

I miss my grandma and the rest of my family.

Date: 2011-04-18 08:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zrath.livejournal.com

(:gives you a big ol' Kzin hug)

Date: 2011-04-18 10:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kibbles.livejournal.com
So sad, but you got to spend every moment you could with her, you know?

Moving is hard. Under your circumstances, even harder. Hope this new beginning improves, things are better...

Date: 2011-04-19 04:04 pm (UTC)

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