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Ok, it's been too long since I last wrote here. Not much has really been going on. The holidays came and went, pretty uneventfully, honestly.

In December, Angel and I started looking at places to rent in the San Jose area, cause she's gotta move down there for werk, and I'm going to follow her down to the area. We didn't decide on anything yet, we still need to find a place, but we're looking at moving down in February.

FC2011 came and went too. In all honesty, I was a bit out of it this year. Don't get me wrong, I had an absolutely wonderful blast as always, it's just this year I felt a bit run down. Honestly, that really has nothing to do with FC though. I'm wearing out a lot, lately. Only got into suit twice the entire con, sadly - once in my RED Engineer costume with M-Tigress as a half-suit for the fursuit parade, and the next day in M-Tigress in full suit to romp around the hotel a little bit. Didn't even touch M-Tiger. Ah well, next con I guess. Or maybe once I get down to the bay I'll get more chances to fursuit.

M-Tigress is 6 years old now, btw. LV did such a wonderful job on her though, so she's still holding up wonderfully, other than a small hole in the side of the neck that needs to be repaired.
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