Feb. 14th, 2011

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Last day of werk here in Vallejo is tomorrow, February 14th, 2010. Valentine's Day.

After werk I will turn in my key, maybe head to the store to buy a few things, then head home, pack a couple days worth of clothes, then head down to San Jose either tomorrow night, or Tuesday morning.

The company would like to keep me, however my DM contacted the San Jose DM and there are currently no nearby openings. If I want to stay with the company, I will have to do some digging around of my own once I get to the area, and visit the local stores to see if I can convince them to take me on. If. It'd would be nice to have something lined up already, but I could take/use a break while finding something else, too. Think I'll follow this path, though and see where it ends up. I can always quit again. :p

After I get down to San Jose, I will be taking a look at the room, and taking care of some things that need to be done, like cleaning the carpet in the room, looking at getting a mini fridge, doing some layout werk in my head, etc.

I'll probably see a chunk of ya at Chicken.

This coming up weekend is looking like when I'll be loading up the truck and taking my stuff down.
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I won't be down in San Jose anytime soon.

We just found my grandmother dead.

She passed away in her sleep.

We don't know what time, just that she was ok at lunch today. She went to take a nap afterward. My family went to check on her a few minutes ago because she didn't come out to eat dinner.

I've never cried so much before.

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