May. 26th, 2010

m_tiger: (Boobies!)
Currently I'm mostly good. Haven't updated in a while though. I've been busy.

Angel's been spending a lot of time here, since it's a lot closer to San Jose than her house is, ans she's been doing some work there. So I've been getting to see her a lot, which is good.

The rashes on my legs are getting annoying again, seems to really come back in force in the spring every year, without fail, but it seems this time it's slightly worse than usual. Gotta get in an appointment to get screened for allergies or whatnot. I'm convinced they're a reaction to something. Just gotta find out what.

Speaking of my legs, I had a bump on my left thigh, that I think was a mosquito bite. The skin over it was fine, but there was a hard glob under the skin that I could feel if I pressed around the area. I lanced it with a needle (ick, it went in half an inch deep), drained what I could out of it, and dressed it. Should be fine in a few days.

Today I felt like shit during werk, and it kept getting worse by the hour. Bearable, but definately annoying. Luckily the pain that was bothering me seems to have passed for the moment. It was coming from directly behind my lowest rib on the right side. Looking at the other members of my family, it may be a gall bladder problem. Really bad timing, if that's the situation. Don't worry about me though people - I won't hesitate to get to the doctor in a heartbeat when I need to.

Werk has been the same. Failboss is still Fail. Can't really say much else.

I'm off this Friday, so I might end up going down to Chicken on Thursday night, I haven't been since sometime last year I think. Will be nice to see some of yas.

I'm looking forward to the CaliFur trip next week. I requested time off for it, I suspect that's the reason I'm werking this Saturday (I think Failboss is going to make me werk Sat through Wed since I asked for Thur through Mon off, instead of actually letting my use some of my vacation time). Regardless of getting the time off or not though, I'm headed down. Things are to the point where I honestly don't care if I get in trouble for that. I need a vacation, and I'm taking it.

Also, my birthday is Sunday night during CaliFur. So there's that too. Anyone wanna help celebrate 26 years of M?

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