Feb. 8th, 2010

m_tiger: (Miles Edgeworth)
iF Apple made any of these, I'd buy them. Maybe.

iPad Nano. I think the iPad is going to be a little bit too big. Personally I think the breadwinner would be a handheld pocket-sized version, ya know, one that's about the size of a phone...

iPhone Shuffle. I'm still waiting for this one. Who needs a screen for their iPhone? Too complicated if you ask me. I just want something basic and tiny, with just play/answer, stop/hang up, forward, back, and volume controls. And it'll work just like the iPod Shuffle - it'll call completely random phone numbers between completely random music. It'll drastically improve geek social lives a billion-fold cause ya don't know who you'll talk to at any given time! And you'll be forced to talk to them for a random amount of time before it hangs up and moves onto the next song or call! That's pure iGold right there.

iSight Air. Lots of other companies are making wireless network enabled cameras, why hasn't Apple jumped into that market yet? With the quality they put into their cameras (ilove my original firewire iSight, still use it today on my comp as one of my webcams and I don't have a Mac, also the cameras on the Macbooks are awesome for how tiny they are) and the simplicity they design into their UI's for their products, they'd corner the market in no time. Who cares that it'd cost $600 or so?

iWear. Hey, other companies sell clothing with their logos plastered on them, why can't Apple? Ok, really I just want a hat with an Apple logo on it, but Angel won't get me one. :(

iMote. They already make small tiny remote controls for controling some of their products. Why not make a sleek universal remote with a multi-touch interface so users can easily fully integrate their products into their home theaters? Control everything with an iPod-like interface, woo!

iPitch. Simple yet effective projector, pitches a crystal clear image from a device the size of a Mac Mini. Or better yet, available built-in to a Mac Mini.

iPoints. Everyone else is making their own currency for their online stores. Microsoft points. Nintendo points. Why not Apple iPoints? Wait, that's a horrible idea. Just continue to use real currencies like you do already, Apple. You've got something great going there already.

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