Jan. 26th, 2010

m_tiger: (M-Tigress Head 2)
Today was a mostly hangout type of day. Slept in, got everything packed, and then went down to the lobby to checkout the suite and check into the regular room that I have for one night. Angel and I head home tomorrow.

Took us a few trips to get everything moved into the new room, which is one floor higher than the suite was. We're currently in 594.

Had a flashback to CaliFur today. The hotel temporarily put up some large black partitions by the front door because there were some conferences/meetings going on in the convention spaces on the second floor that were not part of FC. UPS and Hitatchi, I hear.

The Dead Dog Party was pretty awesome. At first anyway. The music kinda went from awesome to ok to mediocre to too-loud-crap. In my 9 years of going to FC however, I have never seen the hotel this well packed with furries though. There were still a ton of people and fursuiters hanging out at the party or in the lobby or outside.

After the Dead Dog ended, pretty much everyone went outside into the area in front of the hotel to continue the festivities. It's freezing cold outside, which is perfect for the fursuiters. A couple were getting into the street though, which was a bit of a concern but everyone was mostly being safe.

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